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Some of the STG awards are created to honor a person or organization. Established and funded by individuals, companies, civic groups and foundations, these awards, like all STG awards, benefit Staples High School graduates with demonstrated financial need.


By providing tuition assistance to Staples High School seniors and graduates with demonstrated financial need, these awards help students close the gap between what their family can afford and the expected cost of tuition at the student’s chosen college or vocational school.


Some of these STG Named Awards have been awarded annually for over 50 years. They are the foundation of the Staples Tuition Grants and have helped a remarkable group of young adults go on to become productive contributors to Wesport’s community and beyond. These ‘Named’ Awards recognize beloved members of the Town of Westport.

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Anne and Edward Yass Memorial Award

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Anne and Edward Yass Memorial Award

Anne and Edward Yass became acquainted with Westport while visiting their son and his family. A World War II veteran and a career pharmacist in New York, Edward is described by family as a wonderful, considerate, kind, sincere man who was adored by his children and grandchildren. Mainly a homemaker, Anne was engaging and gregarious, and relished her time with her children and grandchildren. Anne and Edward, both first-generation Americans, raised their three children to value their education and engage in the issues of the day.